14 October 2016

McCalls 7100; Bomber Jacket Sew-Along; all done!

Here's my Bomber Jacket, McCalls 7100, completed.  Mine is cut in a size Medium.  I used 3/8" seams instead of 5/8" on the side and sleeve seams, to gain .  Neck, cuffs and bottom band attachments were sewn with regular 5/8" seams.  I made usual adjustments, shortening body and sleeve lengths by about 1".  Such a fun project.  I'll be making more.

03 October 2016

McCall's 7100 Bomber Jacket Sew-Along; work in progress

McCall's Bomber Jacket Sew-Along, using McCall's #7100; I signed up, yes I did! Would not normally have thought to sew a Bomber Jacket, but sew-alongs have always piqued my curiosity. I tend to go it alone, but fellowship among like-minded persons with a passion for all things sewing is a fabulous, heartwarming thing. My jacket is currently a work-in-progress. I'm waiting on a metallic-silver separating zipper which I had to order online; thus, a short breather until that zipper arrives. I love everything about this metallic-coated fabric which I got at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. Subtle sparkle on the outside, soft dusty rose color on the inside, this fabric drapes softly, dare I say "a buttery feel;" easy to handle, both in cutting and sewing. I chose not to line my jacket; this pattern does not call for a lining, and I took my cue from that. I have been very careful, using a serger as well as pinking shears to finish the seams. I will say that next time, I'd consider working on a light jacket lining, which would hide all those interior seams; a clean finish and less work in the long run. Note to myself: I cut a Size M, with a 41" finished garment measurement around the bust.  Size L (45" finished measurement around the bust) would have been too big for the fit I was looking for. To provide extra inches without going up a size, I used 3/8" seams instead of 5/8", which brought me to a 43" measurement. The fit is good.

Cuff detail
Pocket welt detail