23 June 2016

The Liverpool Shirt; Amy Butler Pattern

Amy Butler's "The Liverpool" shirt, tunic, short & long dress pattern.  This is a pattern I've had to make adjustments to, in and around the shoulder/bust area.  It's still a little loose in the bust area and could be tweaked a bit more; however, since this was my "muslin" and it's comfortable enough, I'll save further adjustments for next time.  I'll be wearing this in and around the garden.

This tunic is all done. Hope the bees don't come after me!

Testing, testing

There's a shirt pattern that I knew I would have to make fitting adjustments to.  I chose a cotton print fabric rather than just plain muslin for my test piece.  Maybe I'd get lucky and have a nice finished shirt when all was said and done.  I don't typically wear busy prints, but this turned out nicely, especially with the contrasting collar.