13 December 2017

Room for improvement

Can she sew? Yes, but Christine, take a  note.  In 2018, shall we plan better? Still chasing that wearable, artsy wardrobe, says me.

19 November 2017

It's a bag...and I'm all over the place

Come November, my mindset switched direction, thinking of soft quilty things as well as gifts to knit and sew for the holiday season. I will set aside garment sewing until after the holidays...that is, with the exception of the warm sweater that I promised to sew for hubby, and also a nice knit top to wear for Christmas...something like that. Digging through, while organizing my closet-full of fabrics, I came across a half-finished project which, until two days ago, amounted to only a couple of rows of charm squares sewn together. Pictured: It's a bag! Just have to pop in the lining and I'm done with this one. See the little embroidered face? I did that and only note it because...well, I love that face : )
front side
back side

12 November 2017

Just a note...

Super excited to work on independent designer patterns. First, sizing is pretty much spot-on, thus fit is good. Downloading, piecing together patterns and then tracing onto tissue paper; time consuming but not difficult; I have not yet been disappointed. The results are what I hope for in that continual search for an artsy, wearable wardrobe. One of my latest, favorite websites is https://indiesew.com/. Also, I'm a member of https://sewing.patternreview.com/. When browsing/shopping for patterns these days, these are the sites that I often visit.

About Goldie's Bowl: Thoughts to share therein; inquiring minds want to know; that kind of thing...lol. I see you, can you see me?  

eTee - The Sewing Workshop

Purchased the download-only, "e-Tee" pattern from The Sewing Workshop a while ago.  Here are two tees that I've made to date.  Wish I could get my hands on some quality knit fabric for tshirts; with a little more weight, a little more stretch.  Next time, I will lengthen the sleeve just a wee bit.  Otherwise this is a reliable pattern for a casual tshirt; quick and easy to sew.

10 November 2017

Grainline Driftless Cardigan

Grainline Driftless Cardigan
Grainline's Driftless Cardigan pattern is simply fabulous; one of my favorites to date.  Purchased this pattern as a PDF download; the fabric is a lightweight thermal knit.  I love the results.  It's comfortable, travels well, very wearable and, for me, was quick and easy to sew.  Having a serger made for finished seams that hold up well in the wash.  I'll be making more of these cardigans, that's for sure.

08 November 2017

Busy sewing this and that...

Been sewing more things than I have posted.  These tops are both sewn using lawn fabric, which have worn well in hot weather.  It's that same pattern, Simplicity 1694...my "go to" shirt pattern, quick and easy to sew, with good results.  Took them with me on a trip to North Carolina where the weather was warm and slightly humid; pleased to note my shirts held up and did not wilt.

30 July 2017

Vogue 9171 #MarcyTilton

Second time I've used Vogue 9171, #MarcyTilton. First time, it was a solid aubergine, linen-like fabric. This time, I used a lawn print fabric purchased on sale from www.marcytilton.com. While both versions have appeal, I prefer the soft feel of this light-as-a-feather printed fabric, even though this gauze-like, textured fabric required careful handling while cutting and sewing.

18 July 2017

Simplicity 1694; Another Shirt

Most recent shirt just finished; I'm on a sewing roll again. This fabric is a breezy semi-sheer cotton, good in warm weather despite its dark color. Simplicity 1694 is a pattern I've had for a while. In fact, this is the second shirt I've made. The nice thing about this lightweight cotton fabric? The collar band and collar were so easy to handle, with so little bulk to deal with.

06 July 2017

Chloe's Custom Fit - Grandma's Panty Factory

At age 7-1/2, my granddaughter has experienced problems in trying to find ready-to-wear underwear that fit properly, serious business in my book. She's somewhere in between a size 6 and 8 off the rack, too small at one end of the size spectrum and way too big at the other end. "This won't do," I said to my girlie. I already had a class stashed in my www.craftsy.com library, "Sewing Panties - Construction and Fit" taught by Beverly Johnson. Following class guidelines, I was able to create a custom-size child's pattern with no problem at all. After sewing up a sample and with only a couple of minor adjustments, I had a perfect-fitting, master pattern for this dear girlie of mine. "These are so comfortable, Grandma!" she exclaimed. I am so very happy to oblige and will be sending along a batch of undies which I know she will love. We laughed as I teased that grandma had a mission and that Grandma's Panty Factory was now in action. Fabric of choice: cotton/lycra jersey with about 30% crosswise stretch.

01 July 2017

Butterick 6330; summer dress

Picked up this cotton knit fabric from downtown Los Angeles fabric/garment district which we visited on June 17, 2017. I chose Butterick 6330 from my pattern stash to make this simple summer dress. This knit fabric is lightweight and has very little stretch.  I paid particular attention to matching the stripes and placing the sequence of the print just so. There are no pattern facings but instead, the raw edges of the neck and armholes are turned under and then stitched. I included side pockets and, overall, the dress turned out nicely.