19 January 2019

Jaden's warm, fuzzy jumpsuit; Simplicity 1053; tah dah!

Jaden's warm, fuzzy fleecy jumpsuit is all done! I took Simplicity 1053 from my pattern stash and created this. This fleece fabric was her pick, two seasons ago. Like every other project, I fretted over possible calamities. Was this print too bold? perhaps too many floating faces? The pattern calls for a hood and elastic casing at the wrists and ankles. My granddaughter asked for something, "without the hood, Grandma." And so this blanket jumpsuit came into being. It's roomy and warm. She's 5'3" and so am I, so I was able to try it on myself. She'll look adorable in it; me, not so much (lol)! Worries are behind me, this package is in the mail, so onward to more projects.

NOTE: The pattern cautions against using as sleepwear. The reason? I've been informed that fleece is highly flammable and thus could be dangerous. You would not want to be wearing this if caught in a fire situation.

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