26 July 2015

I paint pictures with thread

Here's what I'm working on
These are my tools
I paint pictures with thread.  Here is simple embroidery.  Currently I am working on embroidered blocks to incorporate into a quilt that I have in mind.  Sunbonnet Babies of course.  Because I am using basic outline stitches, the work goes relatively quickly.  An enjoyable pastime for this Calico Quilter when all is said and done. 

24 July 2015

Cloth-covered Pattern Weights

Here's my boxful of covered washers, all finished, which I use as pattern weights when cutting out patterns.  The washers, purchased from the hardware store, work well even in their raw state, but with a cloth covering they are much nicer to handle.

More slippers...

Another pair done, this time adult size small.  The medium size slipper was too large (more for size 8-9).  I'll be elongating the soles by about 1/2" on the next pair of size small, as they're currently too exact of a fit on my size 7M foot.  Fun to make but I'll also have to come up with a sturdier sole; they definitely need sole support.  For the interlining I had used a thicker but still very pliable interfacing from my stash; I'll be looking for thick, stiff and sturdy for my next pair, while keeping in mind washability.  Still, the mix of different prints is adorable and the possibilities are endless.  I'm already thinking of Christmas slippers for the girlies.

17 July 2015

House Slippers, all done!

Soft, comfy pair of house slippers, all finished.  These were easy to make.  I'll be making more.

House Slippers in the making...

Here's a simple slipper, exactly what I've been wanting for wearing around the house. The pattern, Favorite Things Pattern Designs - Sole Comfort, turned out to be the kind of quick and easy-to-sew project that I really enjoy.  I was concerned about the stiffness of the soles on such a slipper.  Would they be stiff enough?  Would I be able to walk comfortably?  It turns out using the recommended materials as listed, worked out very well.  Applying bias tape, in this case to finish the edges of the slipper, is a simple technique.  I cut my own bias tape for this slipper.  I'll be making Christmas slippers for each of my daughters-in-law and granddaughters for the fun of it.

07 July 2015

Cover those weights!

Here are weights which I have been using for pattern cutting instead of pins.  Papa Paz got them for me from the hardware store, and they work very well for my purposes.  I am finally spending time to cover them with fabric, using my Clover yoyo maker (size L), which turns out to be the just-right size.  So easy to do, but this will take some time as I have a good bunch of uncovered weights in that box.