24 July 2015

Cloth-covered Pattern Weights

Here's my boxful of covered washers, all finished, which I use as pattern weights when cutting out patterns.  The washers, purchased from the hardware store, work well even in their raw state, but with a cloth covering they are much nicer to handle.


  1. I love your covered pattern weights; so colorful! How do you make them?

    1. I used a Clover Quick Yo Yo Maker, Size Extra Large, which makes a Size 2-3/8" fabric yo yo. You can also make your yo yo without the Clover maker. Here's a link that provides instruction on making fabric yo yos without a Clover maker: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2014/03/fabric-yo-yo-tutorial.html. My husband purchased flat metal washers from the hardware store for me (in this case from Lowe's). The washer size has a 2-1/2" outer diameter, with a 1" hole in the center, and a thickness of 1/8". They came in a box of about 10 washers. The yo yo maker that I used made a perfect casing for this sized washer. Make your yo yo, following instructions, but don't pull the running stitches until after you place the washer in the center of your fabric circle for that yo yo. Finally, gather the running stitches to enclose the metal washer within the fabric. Secure your gathered stitches firmly with a knot to complete the covered pattern weight. This is how I made the weights pictured. Hope that helps.