26 July 2016

Butterick 5954 - Knit Top

"Fast and Easy" knit top pattern, Butterick 5954. This is a neoprene-type knit fabric, soft and spongy with a nice drape. I made minor alterations to the pattern, reducing the dramatic flare of the skirt, plus I created a closer fit by sewing an additional 5/8" past the original back seam line. I may have to tighten it up just a little more next time for a more flattering fit.

22 July 2016

What's a girl to do???

I sew; I think about sewing; I think about sewing fabulous wardrobe pieces; however...here I am. This is how I run around, from garden to kitchen, to sewing/craft room, to sitting at fabulous computer (courtesy of savior husband), where I blog thoughts to no one in particular that I know of, except myself. Thus, to myself I shout, "What's a girl to do?!" The need for a fabulous, trendy wardrobe is an infrequent necessity, but still I want to sew one. Additionally, I think I have become the incredible shrinking woman...that is, I should say, in and around the shoulder area where patterns are concerned. Bigger tummy, wider waist, shrinking shoulders, or something like that; which has tempted me to dabble in the dark world of pattern adjustment. I used to fit in a Size 10, then a 12, then a 14...get it? Holding that line at Size 16 (12 off the rack); it's not so fun as it once was, to watch measurements shift and change. I am the blob, herself. Truth be told, my patterns require very little adjustment, lucky me, but in my mind...

19 July 2016

Sew, sew, sew...3 tops all done!

Black/Gray plaid, cut on bias: Butterick 5786
Charcoal/White Stripe: Tessuti "Fave" Top
Black/Gray Animal Print: New Look A6420

Two knit tops shown, both with dolman sleeves; quick and easy to sew.  As for dolman sleeve styling, not my favorite.  The sleeveless plaid shirt, cut on the bias, is made from a good cotton fabric. I'm hooked on fine fabric to sew with; it makes such a difference.

03 July 2016

Christine in the garden, in pants that she made

Christine in the garden in pants that she made
NOTE TO MYSELF:  During this past winter, spring and early summer, you have floated between quilting, gardening and, added to that now, watercolor painting. Now that we are back to garment sewing, Ms. Calico Quilter, don't forget how much you enjoy making clothes. Let's keep with it  and get through some of those piles of fabric and patterns that have been stacking up, waiting for you to come around again. All things are cyclical (is that a word?), I must admit. There is a strong urge building in me-self, to get some knitting done; however, sewing is so enjoyable, that I am that happy to be doing so in this moment.

02 July 2016

Fabrics of choice; next up

Here are two cottons and two knits, in shades of black, white and gray prints, plaid and stripes. I wonder if I can make these into an assortment of wearable tops that I can travel with. A cohesive wardrobe; that's my goal.

Vogue 9171; Marcy Tilton Design

Most recent top completed.  Vogue 9171, a Marcy Tilton design. This was quick and easy to sew. Love this top for casual wear.