23 December 2018

It's a Jumpsuit...here's why I worry!

A pattern from my stash, adult size U.S. XS-XL. Here's why I worry. This one's for my oldest granddaughter. She's 5'3" and 15 years old (or is it 16). This fleecy wonder is the fabric that Jaden picked a season or two ago; that means I'm a year behind.  In keeping with fleecy robes for my granddaughters, I decided it was time before this girlie, my Jaden, got to old to appreciate what she had selected back when. I went with Size M; I had her measurements for length of the inseam, as well as sleeves. I made adjustments before I started cutting, and cut I did.  hmmmm.....what happened here?!! Those of you who sew know can see this is probably fixable. I am a little concerned about how low the crotch may be. Thus, my work in progress is on the table, due for Christmas. All she asked for were gift cards for spending, but, oh no, grandma wanted her to have this also.

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