29 April 2011

Indygo Junction Top - Pattern IJ-867

Here's Indygo Junction Pattern #IJ-867.  I used a stretch cotton print which I purchased on sale from Gorgeous Fabrics...very mod, very nice to work with!  I love the feel of good quality fabric (it's addictive).  The pattern was an easy one to sew; I put this top together in one afternoon.  I did have to round off the front and back hem at each side to create a nicer finish (got rid of those pointy sides which I didn't care for).  The collar did not call for interfacing, and I was concerned that it might flop...but it didn't.   The wide neck opening with its soft stand-up collar gave me some concern, but the overall effect is flattering.  I'll wear this crop top with a nice pair of fitted pants.  CHRIS' CRITIQUE:  Looking at the photo of this completed garment, next time when cutting out a print fabric such as this, I will pay attention when laying out my pattern pieces on the fabric, to make sure the design of the print is placed to its best advantage, in order to give symmetry and balance to the sewn garment as a whole.  Lesson learned!

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