04 May 2011

Age Appropriate Wardrobe

I love fashion trends and I love to sew but, these days comfort is a must.  I want a wardrobe that suits my aging body, retired lifestyle and hair color (yes hair color...I've gone au natural and it's now a soft snowy white).  Since I stopped coloring my hair which was a sacred ritual of mine for many years, my whole color palette has changed.  It's been a challenge to re-think what colors flatter, what colors drain and those which make me look like a flaming peacock.  I don't want to give in to leisure,cruise-style colors or matching cropped pant outfits.  You are what you wear after all and I want my wardrobe to be current, sophisticated but casual, comfortable but not frumpy, easy to wear, easy to maintain and stylish.  Not too big of a wish list, right?  I am no longer girlish, but I love girlish things.  I don't wear sleek tailored suits, stylish dresses or high heels that flatter, but I love the look.  Alas, today I lean toward comfortable shoes and accommodating waistbands.  I wish there was a fashion/beauty magazine that specifically feature fashion styles, health/beauty tips, and articles specifically designed for women like me (the 50+, 60+ crowd).  With all of this wishful thinking, I have an idea...I am going to take a young, fashionable look and create a comparative style...an age-appropriate re-make!  It might be a dress, jacket or total outfit.  Accessories and shoes will be an important part of the makeover, of course.  In the end, I hope to have a closet-full of delicious outfits that make sense for my particular life and style.  I plan to document my progress and see where we land...that's what I'm up to.  I'll be working on this project and posting my progress soon.

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