09 May 2011

Chloe's Summer Wardrobe...in the making

Chloe is my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter, one of two grandchildren, with one on the way, all girls.  Chloe has fitting problems because she's at a size 1T in body measurements, but 3T in height.  Good that grandma sews!  After getting used to sewing teeny tiny versus Size Women's Large (these arthritic fingers don't help), I am delighted to be sewing for my little girlies.  The pink top was meant to be a dress (Chloe loves dresses) but the body of the dress got caught in the serger at the hem so not it's a top.  The knit set with tiny citrus fruits and flowers is adorable.  Both were made with Kiwk Sew children's patterns.  These outfits are first attempts, based on Chloe's measurements which her mama sent to me from Boise, ID.  Once I know they fit well, I'll be making bunches of summer outfits for this little girlie.

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