18 September 2011

What exactly is Paris Chic???

Paris chic vs. California casual.  How and where do the two meet?  It's a tough sell to be a chic fashionista in sunny Southern California where blue jeans, flip flops and beachy comfort reign.  Where I live it's very nice, but my world is not Beverly Hills.  Old and young alike, the majority of us tend to slap on crappy jeans and tees and out the door we go; size and shape don't matter.  I have to say, we do clean up well...you know what I mean; however, for everyday living, no no no!!  Now here's a handful of examples I pulled, searching Paris Chic/Paris Style on the Internet.  Since I'm also in search of age-appropriateness and I'm no pencil twig (more a sturdy tree trunk), I have to tweak everything just a bit; but these styles work, blending Paris chic with beachy chic...or something along that line.  I'm thinkin' on it.

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