01 October 2014

Fall Sewing...Christine Jonson Pattern #723; Straight Shirt

Fall wardrobe preparation...here's my latest.  This CJ pattern is one of my favorites because it's so simply stylish and quick to sew.  The wavy distortion of the fabric is an illusion of the camera.  This is a taupe/black stretch gauze, 70% linen, 27% rayon, 3% lycra, which I threw in the wash before cutting and sewing.  Shrinkage?  Absolutely!  There was much less fabric to work with after pre-shrinking, but luckily there was enough.  This top ended up a light jacket with a single-button closure, instead of a full-on shirt. 


  1. I love the versatility of a light jacket like this, it will be a great addition to your wardrobe. And I love the two toned colour blend, it gives the jacket a certain edge ... J

    1. Thanks, Judith. This one is lightweight, but warm enough, and now that I've shrunk the bejeebers out of the fabric, it's wash and wearable : ) It'll do well in the temperate climate I live in.