03 October 2014

McCalls 6739; dress all done!

Finished dress
Inside pocket detail
I finished this dress, not my favorite, but it's done.  Because of the piping that I added along the vertical seams, front and back, and the mid-weight linen blend fabric, the dress is definitely boxy all around...oh my!  The side pockets drape outward, instead of hugging the body.  The dress is straight up and down in design, without waist definition.  This pattern has potential to be a cool summer frock, with the right fabric and minus the piping.  Although I can wear it sleeveless, all in all, mine turned out more like a jumper, which I'll wear with a turtleneck and tights, come cooler weather. 


  1. The colour combo looks fantastic together, such a pity it didn't turn out as you envisaged. I wonder if you could experiment with attaching a little half belt, just on the sides (connecting front to back) to shape it in to what you would prefer ... J

    1. Thanks, Judith. To get this dress to drape properly, I'd have to remove the piping from each vertical seam. There are four seams which are piped, front and back, which has created the box-like effect around the hem. For me, it's been a good lesson learned about the use of piping. I know how to make it, how to apply it, but now I have to give some thought to where it's appropriate to apply, how garments flow, and that kind of thing. Me oh my...