01 August 2016

Sewing with Jaden

Meet my granddaughter. Here she is in the sewing room. This summer I vowed that she'd have her first sewing lesson from me and she'd love the experience, I was so certain, but little did I know. Texting friends; shopping at the mall for school clothes; watching movies with grandma, chatting all the while; this is what we happily did on this very special weekend. Happily pinning, cutting, and laboring over straight seams? Not so much. Once we got to sewing, pinning fabric? Ouch! The sewing machine intrigued her at first; she would start with a  straight 1/4" inch seam, but that seam would grow wider and wider down the line. Over and over again, as many times as we'd rip the seam to start over again, that seam would grow and grow; the line was straight, but she'd veer off course. I wondered, "hmmm..." What was the problem here? She seems proficient for a first timer. Did she not get a good night's rest at grandma's overnight? Does she need glasses? Was this possibly 13-year-old sabotage? I began to suspect all negatives. If she could not sew an even seam, we'd have problems completing this very simple, pillowcase project. The lurking suspicions swirled in my head. She might not be interested, no kindred spirit, oi vey! How would I cope??? We got that darned pillowcase finished, with me pushing hard from behind. I looked for a gleaming sense of accomplishment in her eye, but instead I detected...zero, nada. Instead, "Hurray, I'm off the hook!" She was surprised when I told her there would be a next time; we'd try again, she would learn to sew. Maybe one more project will bring her onboard but if not, at least she'll be able to sew a straight seam. Do you think?

"Are you kidding me?" Henry says. 

All finished! Hurray! 

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