11 September 2014

Shawl Collar Jacket; Loes Hinse Design No. 5112

Loes Hinse Jacket Pattern No. 5112
I have had this partially finished jacket in the closet for a number of years to date.  The jacket fabric is a shimmery, crushed polyester taffeta, with embroidery detail.  I underlined the jacket with silk organza to provide body to the garment.  I also used silk organza for the shawl collar.  This jacket has a boxy cut and fits very well...so plain and simple.  The collar pleats at the nape of the neck to create that slightly draped effect.  There are four things I need to do:  1) Create a lining for the jacket; Bemberg lining currently on order from Fabric.com.  2) Shoulder pads; the pattern provides a pattern piece for that, and these sleeves could use a boost.  3) Apply tiny iridescent rhinestones onto the dragonflies in appropriate places.  4) Embellish the collar.  Embellish, you say?  The white silk organza is too plain and needs some kind of wow factor, not to mention a bit more body.  I've been stuck because I'm wondering exactly how to go about this.  Rhinestones?  Sequins?  Sequins and rhinestones?  Lace trim (shown in photo)?  That's where I'm at with this one.


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