09 January 2013

Choosing a Medium - New Projects


  1. Ohh, I love a new project - is this hand painted and embellished???? Looks very interesting...

  2. I named this project The Artist with Pansy. The artist was supposed to be a self-portrait. Truth be told, I don't exactly look like that, but she's been a fun one to work with. I scanned my drawing into the computer, blew up the image to a larger size, then printed it onto a sheet of Steam-a-Seam 2 (Double Stick Fusible Web), which is perfect for the applique technique I used. I used a very fine-tip permanent marker draw the face onto the fabric, using the orginal drawing as my guide, and I used pastel chalk to do the shading. I've kind of stuck with primitive line drawings and it turns out this has been a creative outlet for me to explore. Thanks for your comments, Judith! It's a lonely place out there in blogland and I sure do appreciate hearing from you.