05 January 2013

What a girl wants; what a girl needs

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
I'm not a girl anymore, but more like an old gal on the downhill slide (no negativity intented).  Luckily, the downhill slide may encompass 20 or 30 more years of good solid living.  I've not turned into an old hag by any means, but our lifestyle has changed.  Thinking about what I want to accomplish in the sewing room this year, I need to evaluate what for me is a serious situation.  "Time management, baby!"  What do I really need, what do I want to accomplish, do I have time to do it all?
Example:  In Picture A above, there's a frilly-at-the-shoulder top (Vogue 1275).  I want to give those ruffles a try.  Would I wear this?  Probably not.  Will I sew it up anyway?  Probably so. 

I have a bunch of other patterns in my stash that fit this category:  So much fun to sew, some of them stylish, even elegant, but why?  what for?  This Calico Quilter grandma (me) primarily stays at home in the kitchen, in the garden, and at the sewing machine.  Oh, sometimes we do it up (BFF hubby and me), and we do go out from time to time.  We're considered a stylish couple, but we're turning out to be simple folk as we move along. 

See Picture B above?  I need work frocks (no joke)...to wear in the garden, in the kitchen, for just hanging out in.  Dare I make a pair of overalls?  I have a pattern for that, too. 

As some suffer from writer's block, I'm having quite a time choosing what to sew next.  Fun and fancy or practical?    What's a girl to do?

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