14 January 2013

There be dragons!

My vest
Kathy's vest
I thought I had already posted this vest...then it was there and then it was gone; me own mystery!  This may be a duplicate posting but, ah well!  I wanted to be sure and include this in my sewing journal, so here it is again, Kwik Sew #3705.  Love this vest for style and fit.  I had made the very same vest for my BFF Kathy, using a tweedy wool that she picked when we visited the garment district in Los Angeles some years ago.  Kat's vest is simply dreamy; she wears it to this day!  But why mine, the red dragons?  Can't really say why I bought this brocade piece to begin with, it's been around that long.  Fabric stash frenzy!  Maybe should have been a purse? or slippers maybe?  A bit bold; however, toned down with crushed black velvet contrasting detail and black satin, the finished piece is actually pleasing to the eye and very wearable.  I especially love that all the fabric for this red dragon vest came from my stash.  tah dah! all done!



  1. These look super, and very stylish! Great idea with the velvet - it makes the red dragons a feature...J

  2. Dragons are a girl's best friend! Cute vests!