05 January 2013

Artsy wearables; do you think?

Here are patterns that have been sitting in my stash, ones that I purchased with "artsy" in mind.  I haven't tried these yet for the following reasons.  The Park Bench pattern (left) would initially require a good amount of size adjustment and fitting.  The Kimura vest (right) is so sweet but there's a button that joins the two back pieces. Would there be a sore spot if I were sitting in a chair and leaning back?  I'm sure that I can easily overcome these negatives; still, I'll have to give it some thought before giving these a try.

1 comment:

  1. I like artsy clothing too. Both patterns are really nice. I like the Park Bench pattern best.It offers plenty of opportunity for creative embellishments or changes. Looking forward to seeing what you choose for your new artsy garment.